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Marketing and promotional services are a valuable investment and you deserve a return on that investment. Our goal is to make marketing your business or organization affordable and easy and we strongly believe in supporting our clients' businesses in return.


Here are some examples of the clients we have worked with and the projects we have created for them. Perhaps they will inspire your own marketing project or campaign.


We hope that your next marketing project can be added onto this page! Plus, it’ll give you a little free PR in the process.

Alternative Excavation  specializes in difficult terrain with much help from a Menzi Muck all-terrain walking excavator that can work in water, mud, on steep hills or in rocky terrain, where traditional excavators are unable to travel. The unique machinery gets the job done without costly, time consuming preparation and reclaim. Because of its unique walking capabilities, the Menzi Muck can literally "walk" right through difficult terrain without leaving much of a footprint. It does not generally require special access to be built to get to reach a difficult location. This makes it not only faster and more efficient, but also environmentally friendly.
Alternative Excavation's unique capabilities allows jobs to get done much faster than traditional excavators. They can get in, get the job done and get out in less time and with less impact, allowing you to move your project forward.Owner Tom Magalsky of Terry, Montana learned about the capabilities of the Menzi Muck while living and working in Switzerland. When he moved back to his native Montana, he invested in the equipment for use in the rugged terrain of Montana and North Dakota where he is licensed to operate.

Alternative Excavation draws a unique clientele in a primarily rural area, requiring them to have a solid brand and web presence, so high on the list of marketing priorities was a great logo and a great website. They reached out to Markouture for help.


AE wanted the logo to reflect the unique properties of the Menzi Muck and it's ability to literally "walk" up hillsides and through rough terrain. Markouture designed a logo based on their actual machine. From there, we designed and developed a clean, imagery rich website that incorporated content to help them get found online, and ensured that wherever they appeared online was cohesive and maximized their SEO. 

Combined with business cards, signage, banners, and vehicle graphics, Alternative Excavation is prepared to run their construction business with clarity and style. 

When we first showed Rachel our old business cards, asking if she might be able to do something with this, she said: "oh yeah, I can do something way better than this! This could definitely be improved!..."

I couldn't quite imagine what she would do, and thought our old ones looked pretty good. Until I saw the new design and especially when the box arrived... Huge difference! So much more professional and attractive! A simple but sharp design, to point, modern, special enough to stand out but not crazy!

Same with the website and the logo she made for us. For the logo, she was able to build an "animated" excavator from a photo we gave her. It looks really cool! The website has a professional look and is easy to run.

Rachel has a good way of honoring your request but making a counter offer of how to improve your idea and make it really professional and "marketing smarter." I like how she will do what you ask for, but not shy back from letting you know there might be a better way. She is very patient while you "figure out what you want" and helps by presenting and quoting different options.


She was also very generous with tips on how to use social media and lots of other business know-how, which I am very thankful for!

She helped me to be able to do as much as possible myself, but I still sometimes feel like just letting her do it all.

After working with Markouture, I definitely understand why businesses​ hire professionals to do their marketing!


- Joanna Magalsky, Alternative Excavation


Deerhaven Ranch Animal Sanctuary, located in Paradise Valley, specializes in providing a loving, final forever home for animals deemed unadoptable, such as those that are elderly or have significant medical needs. They rescue unwanted animals and allow them to live out their final years on our spacious, beautiful ranch.

They take in any and all breeds of animals, including dogs, cats, birds, horses, llamas, alpacas, cows, goats, ducks, mules and many more. These animals are able to roam free on the sanctuary, romping, playing and enjoying all that life has to offer until they are called to the Rainbow Bridge in the sky.

We encourage you to check out their website, visit the ranch, or make a donation to help support this great organization.

Deerhaven Ranch is operated by Mad For Animals, Inc, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. CEO, Michelle Feldstein contacted Markouture to help with rebranding the organization, designing a new website, and providing marketing materials to help them further their mission and support their fundraising efforts.

We helped them establish a new brand, focusing on the ranch itself as the core message and visual representation to tell their story. We designed and built a brand new website, as well as designed and printed business cards, brochures, and donation cards resulting in a fresh new look.

“I wish to thank Rachel for the wonderful job she did for our non profit, Deerhaven Ranch Animal Sanctuary. She made everything so easy and we have had a wonderful response from everyone who has seen our website and brochures.

Her understanding of our needs for our non profit and understanding of how we look at the rescue of animals in this project was critically important to the continuing life of our sanctuary.

...I had anticipated having a difficult time in accomplishing what I wanted, however Rachel went above and beyond to make the transition easy. Markouture is a wonderful company, timely, and extremely competent. I am proud to have worked with them. " - Michelle Feldstein, President, Deerhaven Ranch (Mad For Animals, Inc).


Pinky's Cafe has long been a local favorite and tourist destination for delicious all day breakfast and tasty lunches in downtown Livingston, Montana. Pinky's recently went through a transformation and came out with a fresh new look inside and out. Made from scratch food and amazing service to boot. If you haven't been there lately, go check it out, you won't believe your eyes or your taste buds.

In preparation for their big reopening, Pinky's needed some merchandise to sell in the restaurant, new menus designed and printed and a new website to match their new look.

Markouture was their one stop shop for everything on their list. Diner mugs for serving coffee in the restaurant, travel coffee mugs for taking their locally roasted coffee to go, t-shirts for him and her, hoodies for the cool Montana evenings and of course hats.

We gave their menus a fresh new look and printed them too.

And the pièce de résistance...the website. Simple and clean and highlighting their amazing food and fabulous newly designed space.

“It is great working with Rachel and Kristen!!!! Markouture took over all the projects that I thought I would do four years ago when I bought the business and never did. They did a great job on our website, merchandise, and menus. Everything looks very professional and functional. The turn around was quick. I couldn’t be happier with the service.”

- Morgan Milton, Owner, Pinky's Cafe


Woods Rose Market, located in Livingston, Montana, is a local garden and grocery market offering heirloom seedlings, organic seeds, potting soil, flowers, hanging baskets, local produce, Montana meats and dairy, locally raised eggs, bulk goods, local gifts and crafts and much more.

Owner, Kris Fitzgerald, reached out to Markouture in search of unique merchandise products that she could sell in her store to offer customers new products in addition to the garden and grocery items. Markouture worked closely with Kris to find the right mix of products that not only represented her brand, but would also appeal to a diverse customer base.

“Rachel and Kristen were a great help in coming up with unique merchandising ideas for my business. They offered many options in my price range and worked with me until we found the right products. Rachel was quick with marketing ideas for the products I ordered as well. Such a help and so nice having professionals do the legwork for sourcing the products I wanted. Thanks ladies!”  - Kris Fitzgerald, Owner, Woods Rose Market

Brent Sass and his team of dogs and handlers make up Wild and Free Mushing, located in Eureka, Alaska. Brent is the 2015 Yukon Quest Champion and was named Iditarod Rookie of the Year in 2012.

As his website explains, "For Brent, mushing is a way of life and it is the life he’s eager to lead. It gives him a chance to get out and explore Alaska, go places he’s never been and places he’d probably never be able to go without dogs. Most importantly it is all about the dogs and the relationship he has with each and every one of them. Getting to know each dog’s behaviors and personality is what makes it such an adventure. Everyday is exciting, whether it is traveling on a new trail or just learning something new about the dogs, there is never a dull moment. This is what makes it easy for Brent to keep moving farther and faster down the trail."

As race season begins, we encourage you to follow the Wild and Free Facebook page and check out their website. If you weren't into mushing before, you will be soon!

Wild and Free offers a wide array of merchandise for sale on their website. Markouture helped them find and produce the right mix of new products to sell to their growing fan base (over 36,000 followers on Facebook!)

They also rely on the financial support of donors and sponsors and we helped produce this year's donor gifts.

"Rachel and her staff have been great to work with. If I had any questions or concerns, they would always respond quickly. The products have been top-notch and were shipped on time. I would highly recommend Markouture and will continue to use them in the future." - Chris Sass, Product Manager, Wild and Free


Founded in 2006, Red Ants Pants was the first company dedicated to making work clothes for women. They are based in White Sulphur Springs, a small ranching town in the middle of Montana.

All of their products are designed to fit, function, and flatter…and they are all made in the USA.

Not only that...they have also created the Red Ants Pants Foundation in support of women’s leadership, working family farms and ranches, and rural communities.

AND...they throw a killer music festival every summer in a huge field outside of White Sulphur Springs that is designed to bring people together and raise funds for the Red Ants Pants Foundation. Proceeds from the festival are used to fund grants and run timber skills and women’s leadership events.

Red Ants Pants has been selling women's workwear online for over 10 years and this year decided it was time to create a catalog. Owner, Sarah Calhoun envisioned a catalog that not only showcased the products but also the culture, people, community and lifestyle that RAP represents.

Markouture was thrilled to be able to help Sarah and her team with their first ever catalog. We designed, printed and mailed the catalogs just in time for their 10th Anniversary Block Party.

"Rachel and her team were a joy to work with creating our first catalog for Red Ants Pants. They were responsive, on time, flexible and went the extra mile. I would recommend Markouture!" - Sarah Calhoun, Owner and Founder, Red Ants Pants

Tom's Floor Store - Carpets Plus Color Tile

Located in Bozeman, Montana, Tom's Floor Store offers a huge selection of flooring options for your home or business. Their flooring experts can provide you with professional advice and exceptional service for all your flooring needs. They offer unmatched selection, professional service, product expertise, and custom installation specialists.

Markouture has worked with Tom's Floor Store on a number of projects focused on helping them build brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Branded Merchandise: Pens, Notepads, and Lip Balms used to give away to customers at the store and at special events.

Business Materials: Business Cards and Customized Name Badges for their employees

Rancho Picante is a Montana based business offering grass fed and finished bison prime meats. They raise their bison on Montana's wide open spaces. From bison brats to steaks and roasts, Rancho Picante offers the best in locally raised, grass fed bison meat.

Old Site

Newly Designed Site

Rancho Picante Bison started out with a great product, they just needed a few ideas on how to get that product into the hands of hungry customers. Markouture helped out by offering an assortment of services to expand their reach. These included promotional items that were used as gifts and giveaways for customers like bison skull belt buckles, hats and plush bison toys. We developed an e-commerce website to help sell the product to expand their reach and find a much larger audience. And Markouture also handles Rancho's design projects including print and online ads, signage and more.

"I cannot say enough about how wonderful, creative, and responsive Rachel and her company have been for us. She has designed so much for us that has made such a huge difference in our company's growth, market reach, and online presence. She is perceptive and responsive, and always provides us the exact tone we are looking for when we approach new markets or roll out new products. She did a fantastic job of creating our website from the ground up, enabling our online shopping service, and is always available to fine-tune for us. She is a terrific asset to this business community. -JB Gans, Owner, Rancho Picante Montana Bison, Bozeman, MT

Spur Line is your neighborhood ranch and pet supply store in Livingston, Montana. They offer livestock feed, pet food, and farm & ranch supplies.

The Spur Line is a great local option for farm and ranch needs. Locally owned and operated by 5th generation Park County dwellers, Jordan Aller and Heidi Torgerson. They originally approached Markouture for help with their marketing strategy. They had the basic branding in place, just needed guidance on where to spend their money to most effectively grow their customer base, increase awareness in the community about what they do, and maintain a consistent look and feel to their marketing efforts.

Markouture helped out by offering an assortment of services to expand their reach. It started with marketing strategy development. Markouture worked closely with Spur Line to develop their marketing strategy and budget and identify the individual pieces that would benefit them most. These included sponsorships, print and online advertising, promotional materials, direct mail, social media and hosted events.

We redesigned their website to bring it up to date with functionality and features and to better reflect their branding.

We created a customer survey to help them gain valuable feedback from customers regarding potential upcoming changes in their business, the impact those changes might have and to gauge customers' knowledge level of their entire offering, as well as shopping frequency and purchase behaviors.

Markouture also designed a number of print and direct mail pieces to help increase awareness in the community. These included direct mail postcards announcing sales and events, a lifestyle newspaper, posters for events, advertisements for print and online media, and a calendar. The goal of the calendar was to create a product that would keep Spur Line branding at the top of customers’ minds all year long. The calendar features photos from local photographer Erik Petersen and includes local, relevant events each month that help make it more applicable to area farmers, ranchers, and other customers.

"Rachel has been amazing to work with and I would highly recommend her. I first came to her when I realized that you hire accountants and attorneys, so you should hire a professional to do your advertising because that is one of the most important aspect of your business because it is the voice of your business. She has helped us define and keep a uniformed image for our store from our website to print advertising to Facebook. She has been a pleasure to work with!" -Jordan Aller, Co-Owner, Spur Line, Livingston, MT


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