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Mail...It's Cool Again!

Did you know according to a recent nationwide Neilson Survey, mail is considered more valuable than any form of digital advertising by consumers aged 40 and below?

Digital marketing mediums are necessary in today's faced-paced tech-driven environment. However, all that bombardment has had an interesting impact on the power of good, old-fashioned mail. Mail is again emerging as a powerful and proven tool in reaching potential customers, and is considered highly  credible.

The Well-Aimed Weapon in Your Marketing Arsenal

With the ability to target your desired demographic down to how many fireplaces they have in their home, if they own a cat, speak Macedonian or if they purchase gardening supplies, there is really no better way to find your audience than direct mail. It allows you to be creative and put a personal touch that you just can’t get with other forms of advertising.


There's a whole lot of research on the effectiveness of direct mail and even in the digital era, mail continues to be a leader in the marketing world.  You really can pinpoint the types of customers your business caters to. So whether your ideal customer is end consumers or other businesses, direct mail's effectiveness is easily measured and it works.


It’s not as simple as just sending out a black and white postcard and expecting people to start calling you. Just doing it doesn’t equate to more business for you. You need to create a compelling piece that draws them to open up the envelope or read the entire postcard.


We can help you create an effective direct mail piece that will do just that. From “bulky” mail pieces that can’t go unnoticed to intriguing offers with interesting graphics. There is so much you can do on paper you won’t believe it! Need to do a fundraising campaign for your non-profit, a pre-trade show mailer to increase your booth traffic at the show, have a grand opening announcement for your new retail store location, or want to spread the word about new home listings for your real estate business? From concept to creation we can execute on a direct mail campaign that will get people through your door, picking up the phone to call you, visiting your website, or sending back your reply envelope. Contact Us Today!

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Mailing Lists: The Key to Your Mailing Campaign Success

If you don’t have a good mailing list, we can help there too. There are countless lists that can be rented to use once or purchased to use an unlimited number of times. You can pinpoint the audience that you are trying to reach to make your dollars work harder for you. Set your criteria and we’ll find the right list for you. Want to mail to all the funeral parlors in North and South Carolina? No problem. Trying to target people that own a personal aircraft? Whatever your crazy criteria are, there is sure to be a list that will target the appropriate audience. The size and demographic detail of your list will determine the cost, but we’ll figure out how to get the best information available to meet your budget needs. Let's talk today about your plans!

EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail): Affordable, Full-Saturation Marketing

Have a big sale or a grand opening coming up? Need to spread the word and get people to show up? EDDM is the right choice for you. Every Door Direct Mail® is a service offered by the U.S. Postal Service® that allows you to saturate a targeted area like a city, a zip code or even a certain distance from your business. This is a great way to target potential customers in your community or another specific area of the country.


It works like this. You design and print a postcard (or other approved format) and then decide what targeted area you want to cover based on certain parameters. It gets printed, bundled and delivered to that specific post office. The mail carriers get a stack of your postcards and put one in every single mailbox within that route. Nice, let's get this started!

The Benefits of EDDM

Cost: It’s a lot cheaper than other types of postage and you don’t have to purchase a list.


Coverage: You can hit every residence and commercial address in a specific area or you can choose residential only if you want to exclude businesses.


Targeted Demographics: You can narrow your delivery to households with specific demographics like age, income and number of people living in the house.


No Permit Required: If you go through an approved mailing facility not only do you get the postage even cheaper, but you also don’t have to deal with purchasing a mailing permit.


The rules of EDDM can be a little cumbersome to navigate on your own and there are definite benefits to working with someone that is accustomed to handling these types of mailings as there are specific requirements for the size of the piece, how it needs to be formatted, the permit and how it needs to be bundled, marked and delivered to the right post office(s). We have extensive experience with these mailings and can help you determine the right way to target your desired area. Working with our trusted print and mailing partners, we ensure that your mail piece gets delivered to the right post office and is distributed to your neighbors on time.


So the next time you think you need to hire a crew of high schoolers to start attaching brochures to door handles across your town to announce your new service offering, think about doing an EDDM mailer instead.


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