What Every Business Needs, But Who Has the Time?

If the aspirations for your company include sustaining your current business level or growth, then you need to take that critical look down the road to make sure it’s leading you where you want to go. For many business owners they know that they should be doing more marketing, but aren’t sure where to start, what works and what’s affordable. Or maybe you aren’t sold on the idea of marketing. You’ve been successful without having to market your products or services, which is awesome, but has it been enough?  Have you attained all the goals that you set forth when you started your business?


We have a Marketing Assessment that can help you start to focus on where you are and where you want to go. Complete the form today and we will contact you for a no pressure discussion!

It happens all the time, small business owners are so busy with managing the here and now of their business, that it is difficult for them to step away and plan for tomorrow. Sometimes it’s hard to see anything when you are so close to something!


Believe us, we’ve been there. Juggling all that you need to do every day and slotting time to plan for the future is difficult.

It's Time To Get Excited About Your Business!

We can help infuse you and your business with renewed energy and purpose! Ask yourself, where is my business headed? Where do I want to take it? Am I satisfied with where I am or do I want more? If you aren’t entirely sure, no problem, we've got your back! Complete our Marketing Assessment and let's talk about your future; it's looking bright!


Perhaps you are looking for some guidance and direction to take your business to the next level. Maybe that next level is opening up a second location, hiring more people or adding a new product line. Maybe it is focusing on growing your existing customer base or stepping into a new channel or distribution method. In any of these cases, marketing is part of the equation. That’s where we come in. We can help you figure out the best course of action for your marketing and see your goals accomplished!

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Cookie Cutter Marketing Is Not Our Style

Cookie cutters are great, for cookies, and who doesn't love cookies? At Markouture, we leave the cookie cutters in the kitchen, where they belong. We don’t do "cookie cutter" marketing. No two customers are provided identical solutions because each solution we suggest or strategy we develop is customized for our individual clients.


Your business is unlike any other and your marketing should be too. We want your business to get noticed for what it is and if your marketing is exactly the same as your competitor, what advantage does that give you? None. There is something distinct about your business, your product, and the services you provide. This is the reason that people do business with you and not your competitors. We will work with you to craft a marketing plan that reflects your uniqueness; connect with us today!

Let's Get Your Party Started!

Let us go to work to help you uncover what makes you desirable to do business with and then craft a strategy to help get the word out there. It’s pretty easy really. We start by having a real conversation with you about your business. We want to know the ins and outs of what your company is all about. Your company’s personality, culture, vision and goals. Your target customers, what sets you apart, who your competitors are, the types of employees you hire. We aim to have real knowledge about your business on a personal level. How can we possibly help you figure out where you are going if we don’t know who you are and where you’ve been?


Next comes the marketing assessment. A simple exploration of what you are hoping to achieve with your marketing and what your objectives are for your business as a whole. What kind of marketing you have done in the past. What worked and what didn’t.


Then we craft a strategy just for you. You don’t have to do all of it or any of it. We want to put the tools in your tool belt and you can make the call on whether or not you pull them out and use them. If you like what we come up with, we hope that you’ll let us help you execute on that strategy.


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