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Make Sure You Pass the 10 Second Test

There is a difference between Search Engine Optimization and Website Optimization. Search Engine Optimization, or S.E.O., is the process of ensuring your website is found when someone searches online for the services or products you offer. Website Optimization is making sure they stay with you after they find you. Sites that are user friendly and convert visitors don't happen by accident.


Website Optimization is a blend of art and science using analytics and a set of proven best practices to increase your effectiveness on the web. It does no good to have great S.E.O. if your site fails to convert visitors into customers upon arrival. You have less than 10 seconds to win them over, or they "bounce", which means they leave and most likely will not return. Poor website performance can be aesthetic, navigational, or speed related. Are you optimized for all devices, mobile and phones included? Over 45% of all website access is now coming from Smart Phones and Tablets. We have the knowledge and expertise to bring your online presence to the next level.

Welcome Mat At The Front Door?

Think of your website as a house. The home page is your "front door." You assume that most people enter a house through the front door, where you have placed a lovely welcome mat, flowers, and have created a gorgeous entryway to wow the guests. The other rooms, or pages, are perhaps less attractive, but at least they're there, right? Oops, wrong. Did you know that less than 20% of all traffic coming through a search engine will land on your home page first? That's right, they are being directed into the "windows" far more than coming through the front door. How rude, but not likely to change...ever. This means your entire site must be in top shape. Each page must be treated as if it is the only impression a visitor will have of you. Whew, that can be daunting. Have no fear, Markouture is ready to help you "re-decorate" and upgrade every "room" on your site so customers love you when they find you, no matter where they come in.

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Sweeping Your Website Problems Under The Rug Will Hurt Your Business

Managing website optimization is a full time position, sometimes multiple positions, at many larger companies. As a small business owner, it’s unlikely that having a full time person to solely manage your S.E.O. and Website Optimization fits into your business plan or your budget. But there is still tremendous value in having a website optimization plan and putting it to work even if you can’t dedicate an entire person to managing it.


Let's talk about what you want to get out of your website. We will work with you to develop effective content for your website and edit any existing content you have while improving navigation and conversion. We’ll ensure that it is optimized for your target audience, exemplifies your brand, and engages potential customers.

Have a Great Website Now, But Don't See Much Traffic?

Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.) is one of those daunting terms that you might hear and think: "Ew, I want nothing to do with that." No problem, at Markouture we will handle the dirty work and get your site moving up in the search results before you know it.


Think you want to tackle it on your own? Just when you have optimized your site to its fullest and are satisfied with your search rankings, “they” go changing the rules again and it feels like you have to start all over again. It’s true that things change often and if you don’t stay up to speed on what changes have taken place, then all the work you put into optimizing your search rank last year may actually count against you this year. Yikes. Who’s got time for that?


Well, we do have time at Markouture. We are already in the business of capitalizing on search engine algorithms to improve search results rankings, so we are well positioned to help you do the same.


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