Charting Your Course

December 4, 2014


What's YOUR Plan?

It’s December and along with all of the holiday preparations and festivities, it’s also the perfect time to take a look back at the past year and start planning for the year to come. Creating a marketing plan is an essential element to strategic planning for your company or organization each year.


Ask yourself a few questions: Looking to grow? Need to find new customers? Expanding into a new channel or geography? Have you experienced changes in your business or marketplace? Adding new products or services? Changing your pricing strategy? Looking to further develop relationships with your customers? Need to re-engage your employees? Is there new competition on the block?


Answer YES to any of these questions? Creating a marketing plan is your answer.


If you’ve put together a marketing plan before, then you are half way home. Evaluate and measure the successes and failures of this year’s marketing plan, refine your strategy for the upcoming year, and map out the individual elements that you will be tackling this year. Focus on what worked and dump those that didn’t, diversify your efforts and try something new this year.


Using a marketing calendar to aid you with this is extremely helpful and valuable. There are lots of free templates available online that you can use. This is one of our favorites. And feel free to find a few different ones, mesh them together and make them usable for your specific business.


If you are a marketing plan virgin, then here are some helpful articles, tips and step-by-step guides to get you started.

Marketing 101

Marketing 201

How to Create a Marketing Plan

Developing a Marketing Plan

Creating a Marketing Plan

Content Marketing Strategies


Need some help? We are here to help guide you through the process and figure out what YOUR plan should be. Remember, marketing should be fun…it’s how you tell the world how great your company is and why they should buy from you. Sure it’s hard work up front, but once you start seeing results it pays off.

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