Why Good Services Makes For Great Marketing

December 22, 2014


It’s no secret that providing amazing customer service and a great experience for your clients is good for business. It’s what keeps them coming back time and again. But what you may not realize is that providing unmatched service is also one of the most important tools in your marketing arsenal.


Unfortunately, we’ve all had our share of poor customer service experiences ourselves. And what follows are a series of conscious and unconscious decisions that lead us to begin negatively associating that experience with the company and employees that provided it to us. Ultimately, you have enough poor experiences with a company and you are bound to discontinue doing business with them. After all, in almost all cases, there is another company that can provide the same product or service and hopefully with a higher level of customer care.  So why continue putting yourself through that/


So what does this have to do with marketing? Practicing stellar service and making unparalleled customer experiences leads your clients to appreciate you for more than just the product or service they buy from you. Price becomes less of a factor in the purchasing equation and the focus shifts to how


Why? Because it:

  • Builds loyalty and “fan love” for your brand

  • Ignites positive Word of Mouth and Client Referrals

  • Raises Customer Retention levels

  • Brings value to your client relationships

  • Improves your competitive advantage


What’s the Secret?

Building a company culture of high service level is not as complicated as it may sound. It starts with management setting the right example and laying out clear expectations. Remember that old Golden Rule? That should apply here. Remember those poor experiences you had and try to do things differently.


How do you know if it’s working?

Solicit customer feedback, send out satisfaction surveys, ask for reviews, and ask your employees for their input – they are your front lines and hear what your customers are saying. Like everything, being able to measure results is usually a clear way of knowing if it’s working or not. Gut feel might get you so far, but numbers are your friend. Set a goal and create a plan to get you there. Analyze, refine and repeat.


Make Good on Bad Situations

It’s important to remember, that in business things will go wrong. You probably won’t have a 100% satisfaction rate. How you handle it is the most important thing.  Empower your employees to resolve the situation without having to get manager approval at every step along the way. Your clients will appreciate your willingness and eagerness to make it right and not getting handed off in the process. Policies and procedures are great, but allow for flexibility and judgment calls. Your customers and your employees will be happier for it.

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