The Benefits of Promotional Products

March 2, 2015





Why should you consider using promotional products as part of your marketing mix? Here are some of the major benefits of using promotional products to promote your business.


They are useful.

From pizza cutters and camping chairs to key tags and bottle openers, promotional products are items that people are already using in their day to day life, so wouldn’t it be great if they were looking at your logo while they used it? Nearly everything that you can buy in a store is available with your company’s logo on it when purchased through a promotional distributor. You are making your customer’s life easier and more enjoyable and they will remember where they got that item that comes in so handy. Around the house, at the office, in the car, at the gym, on the plane…promotional products can be used just about everywhere. While that potential client is sipping on their morning coffee, shouldn’t they be drinking it out of a mug with your logo on it?


They have staying power.

If you’ve ever seen a really great commercial on TV that made you laugh out loud or even made you cry, chances are that you will remember what the ad was for. But the truth is that those ads are few and far between and in the age of DVRs and online radio, commercials aren’t being watched or heard like they used to. Because of the usefulness of promotional products, people keep them and use them over and over again. Think about the calendar that one of your vendors gave you that has been hanging on your office wall for months. Their logo is staring you in the face every day, even if you don’t consciously think about them every time you glance at the date. Promotional products hang around because they are things that people are buying for themselves a lot of the time anyways. Why not have your logo on it as a reminder to give you a call when they are in need of your product or service?


They appeal to the senses.

This is one of the most important reasons why ad specialties are so powerful. We are creatures that react favorably to things that appeal to our senses in a positive way. We create an emotional connection to things that bring us joy and in turn, they make an impact on us. The awesome thing about promotional products is that there is something out there that appeals to all of the senses.

Sight and Touch are pretty obvious – all promotional products can be seen and felt. The more you enhance the products you choose with vibrant graphics and varying textures, the more memorable they will be. Cater to the sense of smell with a scented lotion or candle, a scented pencil or a scratch ‘n sniff sticker. There is a wide range of tasty promotional treats that you can customize just for your business. Chocolates anyone? Or if sweets aren’t your thing, you can custom imprint hot sauce, trail mix or even coffee. For that sound experience, you can create a custom CD or DVD, implant a sound chip into just about anything or give out noisemakers for that local high school sporting event. It is so easy to incorporate multiple sensory experiences into a single promotional product and the more senses you appeal to, the more impactful and memorable your promotion can be.


It’s free advertising.

Imagine hundreds of people running around wearing T-shirts and hats with your company’s logo on it, promoting your business without you having to pay them for their efforts? Well, my friends, this is completely possible. You can have a whole army of people doing the advertising for you without having to pay them every time they put that shirt on. The more trendy the fashion and vibrant the colors, the more often they are likely to wear it, so make sure you are choosing styles that appeal to the most people.  Logoed gear isn’t just for teenagers and college kids anymore, people of all ages are wearing shirts, hats, jackets, mittens, flip flops with someone else’s logo on them. There are even products available for pets, so you can get the four legged fans advertising your business too.


It tells people that you care.

One of the major focus areas within the promotional product industry is health, wellness and safety. There are a host of products available that promote good health, preventing illness and helping people stay safe. Giving someone a hand sanitizer, a first aid kit or a pedometer with your logo on it is a sure fire way to show them that you care. Don’t just stop with your customers either. Creating an employee wellness program can ensure that your employees are living a healthy lifestyle, which in turn can help with your healthcare costs, reduce employee absenteeism and can lead to happier and healthier employees. Your employees are your best marketing resource. If they love your company, they will tell their friends and family and they’ll tell their friends and family and so on.


People like them.

Who doesn’t like getting free stuff? No matter how small, people like getting gifts. If you’ve ever exhibited at a trade show and handed something out, you know this is true. People go searching for the booths that have free stuff and that’s how you can lure them in to find out more about your business. People love getting stuff for free. Especially if it’s something that they really like and will use. Handing someone a brochure with information about your company is important to convey in detail what your products and services are. But also giving them a reusable tote bag that helps them carry their groceries home will have a greater impact on their future buying decisions.


People give them to other people.

It may be difficult to find a product that everyone is going to enjoy or use, which is why we recommend diversifying the products you give away to target your full audience. But even if the person you give a promotional item to doesn’t use it, they will probably give it to someone that does have a use for it. People rarely just throw things away if they still have a purpose. So, while one person might not hang onto it, they probably are still appreciative of the thought and will remember you. The important thing to remember is that someone is using it and that particular someone might just be a future customer.


They appeal to a wide demographic.

With so many different kinds of promotional products available, there is sure to be something that everyone will like. There are items for all ages: babies, kids, teenagers, college students, adults, and even older folks. And it doesn’t stop with just people…there are even promotional products available for pets too. You can cover a wide range of people with a single item or select a few different things to make sure that you cover people of all ages and demographics.


They are cost effective.

Take a pen. No really, take a pen. There is a cup sitting at the counter filled with pens for your taking at virtually every business you walk into. At the dentist, the bank, the hair salon, the pharmacy, in hotel rooms – they are everywhere! And while we don’t recommend that you take all of them, chances are that you have taken a pen from time to time. Writing instruments are consistently the most popular promotional product available and practically everyone uses them on a regular basis. Why pens? Logoed pens and pencils offer a cost per impression of 1/10th of a penny compared to 1.8¢ for a TV ad during prime time*. That’s a lot of bang for your buck.


They are memorable.

Give someone your business card and a month later they may not even remember that you met and may or may not still have your card. Give them a jacket with your logo on it, and they’ll never forget you. A staggering 95% of people who receive logoed outerwear can name the company whose logo appears on it (even when they aren’t wearing it!). And on average, 86% of people that received any type of promotional item could recall who gave it to them*. The higher the perceived value of a product, the more apt someone is to remember where it came from. Not only that but they are more likely to have a favorable impression of your business too. And that will equate to more business for you.


They make an impression.

Bags, writing instruments, headwear and apparel generate the most impressions of any promotional product. By impressions we mean, the number of times someone uses or wears an item multiplied by the number of people that person might come into contact with while using or wearing it over the lifetime of the item (i.e. a pen runs out of ink). With a shift from paper and plastic bags at the grocery store and people being more conscious of waste and the environment, bags make the biggest impression, with almost 6,000 impressions received during the lifetime of the bag. This means that not only the person using the bag but all of those people that they come into contact with. For a couple of dollars, this is a pretty good investment.



*Stats provided from the Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study V.4 © 2013 Advertising Specialty Institute. All Rights Reserved.



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